Kevin Ragsdale: Visual FoxPro 9.0

A VFP Book Wish-List

Now that we know VFP 9 SP2 (and Sedna) will be the final production version of Visual FoxPro, I'd like to toss out a couple of thoughts on things I'd love to see from Hentzenwerke Publishing.

1. Hacker's Guide to Visual FoxPro 9.0

The Hacker's Guides (VFP6 and VFP7) have always been a great reference for VFP developers, and I think a VFP 9 update would be the definitive Hacker's Guide.

2. GigaFox

We've got KiloFox and MegaFox. I'd love to see a GigaFox, updated for VFP 9, Sedna, Vista, etc.

3. Internet Apps with VFP 9.0

No doubt I would probably still have zero Fox-related apps on the web today had it not been for the original Internet Apps book. But it is certainly dated. An update for ASP.NET would be invaluable to many of us. Maybe even a new section (or book) on non-IIS development, too.

Those are my big three, so to speak, and I would personally guarantee they'd sell at least one copy of each (I have space reserved for them on my Hentzenwerke Bookshelf).