Kevin Ragsdale: Visual FoxPro 9.0

Desktop Alerts 1.0.0 (Production Release)

After 4 years in beta, I’ve posted a new version of the Desktop Alerts as a Production Release on VFPX.

You can download the latest source code and whitepaper at:

The new version includes a couple of changes/enhancements for improved Vista/Windows 7 compatibility.

There is a new property for the AlertManager class: cSettingsPath. This property can be filled by calling the new AlertManager method SetSettingsPath. Send in the full path of a “writeable” folder where the settings file should be written (DACONFIG.XML).

Another new property of the AlertManager class is lCleanMemory. The default value is .F. – if you set this value to .T. the AlertManager will attempt to reduce memory consumption by calling some code I stole leveraged from Sergey’s blog.

I also updated the Settings window to default to Segoe UI, 9.  There are new settings in the VFPALERT.H file which can hold “fallback” font name and size for users on earlier (pre-Vista) versions of Windows.  The include file currently uses Tahoma,9 as the “fallback”.

I’ll be posting some new notes on the Codeplex site tomorrow. Basically, a FAQ sheet that answers some common questions about installing, etc.


Updated: Special thanks to Rick Schummer for the friendly reminder to release, and Art Bergquist for editing notes from the original whitepaper!