Kevin Ragsdale: Visual FoxPro 9.0

Updated Desktop Alerts Source Code Available

Links in this post have been updated to link to the VFPX Projects page at Github.

I've updated the source code for the Desktop Alerts, and posted to the web site.

Updates include the ability to hide the Close button and Push-Pin button on the alert form, and I made a couple of minor changes to bring back the fade-out effect when the alert form releases.

You can get the updated code here.

I've also posted a Sample form, which allows you to select/enter the parameters for an alert and click an Alert Me button to view the alert. Very easy to make minor modifications to an alert and quickly see the results.

The download includes a program file named TESTSAMPLE.PRG, which contains three class definitions for callback objects.  The sample form includes two pre-defined alerts and a third one called Create My Own Alert. After selecting an alert and setting the values for the parameters, the Alert Me button calls the AlertManager Alert() method, runs the Alert SetCallback() method (passing in one of the three callback objects), then issues the Alert method.

The Sample form also comes with a COMPILED EXE (VFPALERT.EXE). Simply run the EXE with the /regserver switch, then DO FORM path\sample from the VFP Command Window.

Please note: this EXE was compiled with VFP 9 SP1. You will need the VFP 9 runtime files to run the sample. The runtimes are not included with the download.

The sample form and compiled EXE are also available here.

A quick note of SPECIAL THANKS to the Chicago FoxPro Users Group for allowing me to come to their meeting this past Tuesday to talk about the Desktop Alerts. I had a GREAT time talking FoxPro, and enjoyed meeting all of you!

Special thanks also to Patrick O’Hara for taking my son and I out for some Chicago pizza (and for showing me some fantastic dev tools he's written) after the meeting.