Kevin Ragsdale: Visual FoxPro 9.0

FoxForward – Day Three, Part Two

After my session was over, it was time for lunch. WOO HOO!!!

During lunch, Kevin gave away some more swag, and I was lucky enough to win a Visual FoxPro hat (donated by Jim Eddings at!

The next sessions were Craig Boyd's Securing Visual FoxPro Data and John Harvey's FoxPro and Wireless Data. I had seen Craig's session at Southwest Fox last year, so I went over to John's session.

John has built a very impressive application, called WASP, which has increased the effectiveness of law-enforcement officers and improved the productivity for the agencies that use it.

The session was really more of an introduction to the system, and a Case Study-type of presentation. In fact, John has a case study on the Microsoft site. If you haven't seen it, take a look. Interesting stuff, to say the least, to see all of the integration of products and technologies John uses.

Next up, Bo Durban's Using GDI+ with VFP and Paul James' Two-Factor Security for Remote VFP Apps. I wanted to see both of these, but could only choose one. Alas, I went outside during the break (after John's session), and ended up outside through the next sessions chatting with Craig Boyd and Steve Ellenoff.

Next thing I knew, it was time for the final sessions of the day. Steve Ellenoff was presenting Integrating USPS Webtools Into VFP Desktop and Web Applications, and Dave Bernard was speaking on Developing with AJAX VFP-Style. I went to Dave's presentation. He gave an overview of the technologies behind AJAX, and showed off some impressive stuff he’s been involved in.

5:15 PM: The conference has ended. Already? Man, the time flies. I went outside for a while and chatted with Craig and Bo. By that I mean I listened to Craig and Bo, nodding my head in agreement to everything they said, because I was lost right-away.

I headed back inside to say my final good-byes to my new friends, and then hit the highway for the 3.5 hour drive home.

Last year at Southwest Fox I was a total wallflower, so I tried to open up a bit more and talk with people at FoxForward. I made a lot of new friends, and I'm looking forward to next year's conference (if there is one, and I hope there will be). I'm also planning to get to at least one meeting for the Atlanta FoxPro Users Group in the near future.

I'm decompressing a bit from the information overload that is typical from a technical conference. But for all the info, tips, tricks, and other great info I picked up, the best part of the conference was talking with other FoxPro developers, meeting great people, and hearing about all the great stuff people are doing with Visual FoxPro.

Kudos to Kevin Cully (and his family), the sponsors, speakers, and attendees.

FoxForward Rocked!