Kevin Ragsdale: Visual FoxPro 9.0

Get Certified... Today!

Sorry Andrew, for the mis-leading headline.

During Craig Boyd's World Domination session at FoxForward, he noted that he is a "Visual FoxPro Evangelist" (though it is not an official title from any organization).

I guess you could call it "Self-proclaimed Visual FoxPro Evangelist."

Well the phrase stuck with me, and doggone it, I want to be a Visual FoxPro Evangelist, too!

So, after careful consideration, and hours and hours (OK, a few minutes) of planning, I'm pleased to announce the all-new Certified Visual FoxPro Evangelist Program.

How do you become certified? Talk about FoxPro! Blog it, promote it, sing its praises.

That's it. Just talk FoxPro.

Now, doesn't that sound easy?