Kevin Ragsdale: Visual FoxPro 9.0

Heading Out to FoxForward

I'm getting ready to head out on the 3.5 hour drive to Atlanta for the FoxForward 2006 conference.

Many thanks to Rick Schummer and Doug Hennig for sharing their tips for speakers. As always, great information from great community members. Thanks guys!

What's on the schedule today?

Looks like it'll kick-off with a Meet and Greet at 4:00PM EDT. Cool! A chance to meet some new friends. Here's hoping I can overcome my wallflower disease and actually strike up a few conversations. But, just in case I don't, someone, anyone, please feel free to walk up and say "Howdy!"

I'll be the geeky-looking guy with a black Nike baseball cap.

The sessions begin at 5:00PM EDT, with Dave Bernard presenting Does Your Application Understand You? Using English Query with Visual FoxPro, and Bo Durban presenting Creating Custom Report Controls and Customizing the Report Designer. I'll probably go to Bo's session, because after all this time with Visual FoxPro 9, I (shamefully) still haven't begun to scratch the surface on the new reporting capabilities.

At 6:30PM EDT, Craig Boyd will present VFP World Domination. I'm excited about seeing this one because I'm sure it will help inspire and re-inspire everyone in attendance.

Based on the amazing amount of content, enthusiasm, and inspiration Craig has provided via the SPS Blog and his conference and user group presentations, I wouldn't mind being his clone and carrying the message forward.

Though, like Dr. Evil's clone, I doubt I could measure up> to the original.

Here's hoping for a great weekend!!!