Kevin Ragsdale: Visual FoxPro 9.0

I Thought This Blog Was About Visual FoxPro!

I like to check out the site statistics for my blog to get an idea of how many people read the postings, which posts are most popular, etc.

I also like to check out the referrals, so I can get an idea of how people are finding the posts.

I just found something interesting in the referrals for my post about the day I spoke at FoxForward:

Most of the referrals came in from people searching Google for hot showers or shower guy! (I had mentioned in the post that I had taken a hot shower that morning.)

Strangely enough, I decided to take a shot at doing a Google Blog Search on the phrase "hot shower", and out of 826,549 hits, my post was number 34.

It seems I may have found a new way to market our beloved Visual FoxPro...

UPDATE: After rechecking my Google Blog Search link, I found that my post was gone from the 34th spot. But, this post was NUMBER ONE!