Learn Visual FoxPro

I was trolling through Craig Bailey’s Visual FoxPro Spot on FanPop yesterday and stumbled across a new web site dedicated to providing screencasts for learning Visual FoxPro:

Free Visual FoxPro Videos

There are currently eight videos, which can be viewed online or downloaded for offline viewing. They are primarily aimed at people who are new to VFP.

From the home page:

We also want to hear from you about any special topics that you would like for us to produce a video on and help us grow our video library.

So, get cranking and check out the site and send some feedback!

This post originally appeared on the Foxite Weblogs site.

Get Certified… Today!

Sorry Andrew, for the mis-leading headline. 🙂

During Craig Boyd’s World Domination session at FoxForward, he noted that he is a “Visual FoxPro Evangelist” (though it is not an official title from any organization).

I guess you could call it “Self-proclaimed Visual FoxPro Evangelist.”

Well the phrase stuck with me, and doggone it, I want to be a Visual FoxPro Evangelist, too!

So, after careful consideration, and hours and hours (OK, a few minutes) of planning, I’m pleased to announce the all-new Certified Visual FoxPro Evangelist Program.

Certified Visual FoxPro Evangelist

How do you become “certified”? Talk about FoxPro! Blog it, promote it, sing its praises.

That’s it. Just talk FoxPro.

Now, doesn’t that sound easy?


As you can see in the "official" CVFPE Program Logo, this program is not endorsed by and is not affiliated with Microsoft in any way.

That said, if they want to put a stamp on it, maybe have a CVFPE show everyone at an MSDN Event that FOXPRO ROCKS!, that would be super-cool, IMHO.