Aero (Glass) Borders For Forms In SCREEN

This tip applies to Windows Vista and Windows 7 only!

If you want Aero effects (glass) for your forms which are shown IN SCREEN (ShowWindow property = 0), simply set the Desktop property for the form to .T.

There are a couple of downsides, though:

  • The form is now able to be dragged outside the VFP SCREEN, which can create some confusion for users.
  • When a form that has been dragged outside the SCREEN is Minimized, it minimizes to the Windows Desktop. One fix for this is to set MinButton = .F., to prevent minimizing the form.

I like the Aero Glass effect in Windows 7 (don’t get me started on Vista!), but Windows 8 no longer has the Aero Glass borders. So, this tip has no effect on Windows 8 (except for the potential user confusion).

But, it’s there if you want to use it!